Netanyahu insists government is stable

Israeli police are likely to recommend indicting PM Benjamin Netanyahu over two bribery cases.Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists his coalition government remains stable and he will continue to govern despite police recommendations he be indicted for bribery in two investigations, including one that allegedly involves n mogul James Packer.
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“I want to reassure you, the coalition is stable. No one, not I, not anyone else, has plans to go to an election. We will continue to work with you for the good of Israel’s citizens until the end of the term,” Netanyahu said at a conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

“After reading the recommendations report, I can say that it is a biased, extreme document full of holes, like Swiss cheese.

“I am certain, as I have always been certain, and nothing has changed, that the truth will come to light and nothing will come of this.”

His remarks came the morning after Israeli police made public their recommendations.

It is now up to Israel’s attorney-general to decide whether to file charges.

Netanyahu has denied wrongdoing in both investigations, which have gone on for more than a year.

One case, known as Case 1000, alleges the “committing of crimes of bribery, fraud and breach of trust by the prime minister, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu”.

Police named Arnon Milchan, a Hollywood producer and Israeli citizen, and Packer, saying they gave gifts that included champagne, cigars and jewellery to Netanyahu and his family.

In all, the merchandise was worth more than one million shekels ($A392,000), the statement said.

Any legal proceedings would likely focus on whether political favours were sought or granted.

Netanyahu’s lawyers said the presents were simply tokens of friendship.

The n Federal Police interviewed Mr Packer last December and he reportedly corroborated previous testimony by Milchan that the gifts were organised in response to demands by the Netanyahus.

The n billionaire said the gifts were organised by Milchan’s assistant.

On Tuesday night, Israel’s Channel 10 television quoted a lawyer for Milchan as saying that occasional gift-giving was devoid of any business interests.

In an emailed statement on Tuesday, after the police recommendations were made public, a spokesman for Packer said: “There is no allegation of wrongdoing on Mr Packer’s behalf. The Israeli and n police have confirmed that he was interviewed as a witness, not a suspect.”

The second case, Case 2000, also alleges “bribery, fraud and breach of trust by the prime minister” relating to his dealings with Arnon Mozes, the publisher of the biggest-selling Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

The two men, police said, discussed ways of slowing the growth of a rival daily newspaper, Israel Hayom, “through legislation and other means”.

Police said they believed there was sufficient evidence to charge Mozes with offering a bribe.

The opposition Labor Party has called on Netanyahu to resign, saying his coalition allies need to choose between supporting the prime minister and upholding the rule of law.

FBI contradicts White House on aide

FBI director Christopher Wray has contradicted the White House account on clearances for Rob Porter.FBI director Christopher Wray has contradicted the White House version of events surrounding the background check for a former top aide accused of domestic abuse.
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Wray, in testimony on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, said the agency in late July completed a background check for security clearance for former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who resigned a week ago amid allegations of abuse from two former wives.

Wray’s comments conflict with the White House assertion that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and intelligence agencies had not completed investigations into Porter. White House officials had no immediate explanation.

“I’m quite confident that in this particular instance, the FBI followed established protocols,” Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee as the White House faces questions over when it learned about the allegations against Porter.

Questions have arisen about how security clearance investigations are handled as the White House grapples with the fallout over the accusations against Porter, who resigned under pressure last week.

Porter had been operating under a temporary clearance that gave him access to some sensitive information without a final security clearance.

Wray said a partial report on Porter was issued in March and a completed report was submitted in late July. The FBI received a request for a follow-up inquiry, provided it in November and passed along additional information earlier this month.

“Soon thereafter we received a request for follow-up inquiry and we did the follow-up and provided that information in November and administratively closed the file in January,” he said. “Earlier this month, we received some additional information and we passed that on as well.”

Asked if the White House had been informed of the allegations against Porter, Wray said, “I can’t get into the content.”

The White House has yet to outline a specific timeline on who knew what when in the Porter case.

One official said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had wondered last (northern) autumn why Porter’s clearance was taking so long – along with those of other top officials, including the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

The extent of what he was told about Porter at the time is unclear. The White House has said Kelly became “fully aware” of the accusations last Wednesday and promptly obtained Porter’s resignation.

On that day, photos were published in a Daily Mail article, showing one ex-wife with a black eye that she said was a result of an altercation with Porter, 40.

Court told of ‘domino effect’ in Pell case

Cardinal George Pell’s legal team will return to a Melbourne court for administrative matters.The first sexual offence complaint against Cardinal George Pell set off a “domino effect” of allegations but should not be believed, a court has been told.
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The initial complaint came from an “unreliable and uncredible” source, Pell’s legal team told the Melbourne Magistrates Court during an administrative hearing regarding documents on Wednesday.

Defence barrister Ruth Shann said the first allegation to police came via a royal commission in 2015, 40 years after the alleged acts.

Ms Shann said newspaper coverage of the royal commission prompted the complainant to come forward.

“We will be saying that that complaint and the basis for it lacks reliability and credibility,” she told the court.

Ms Shann said the initial complaint set off a chain of events of others making allegations against Pell, noting it was the first time they made a complaint to anyone at all.

“The domino effect which occurred with those other people starts from an unreliable and uncredible source,” she said.

The court was told Pell’s lawyers will challenge that first step, arguing it was flawed and not to be believed.

The comments were made during an administrative mention of Pell’s case, before a March hearing to determine if he stands trial on historical sexual offence charges involving multiple complainants.

Magistrate Belinda Wallington denied the defence access to the complainants’ medical records.

A further mention will be held next Wednesday to finalise matters before the March 5 hearing.

Pell, the highest-ranking Catholic official to be charged with sexual abuse, denies the charges.

The 76-year-old was not in court on Wednesday.

The former Sydney and Melbourne archbishop and Ballarat priest has taken leave from his position as Vatican treasurer to fight the charges.

‘I didn’t do it’: Fran Hodgettprotests innocence over man’s mysterious disappearance

NOT ME: Fran Hodgett has penned a letter denying any involvement in the disappearance of Paddy Moriarty. Picture: Lydia Lynch.
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FRAN Hodgett is no murderer.

That’s the message the 75-year-old wants to make clear to anyone who will listen.

Franhas recently been outed as a prime suspect in the mysterious disappearance of Larrimah local Paddy Moriarty.

Volunteers from Katherine scoured a rubbish tip last month trying to help solvethe puzzling disappearance of Mr Moriarty.

Paddy Moriarty.

Mr Moriarty was last seen at the Larrimah Hotel at 6pm on Saturday, December 16.

Despite an extensive search of the town and surrounds, nothing has been seen of him since.

Because of a decade-long feud between the pair, police even considered Fran and her gardeneras possible suspects.

They grilled her first and then searched her house, gardens and even her septic tank.

“They found nothing because there is nothing to find,” Fran says.

She wants the world to know that it was not her.

“I want to stop the rumours.

GRISLY SEARCH: Katherine volunteers helped search for Paddy at the town’s tip. Picture: NT Police.

“They (police) say they have nothing on me, I’m in the clear.”

Fran complains recent television reports have painted her as a villain in the case.

“I did not have anything to do with it,” she says.

“I do want them to find him and then I can say I told you so.”

Mr Moriarty and his dog Kellie went missing with no explanation, his car, wallet and home left abandoned.

Police suspect foul play is involved.

Fran, famous for her pie-making in the small Stuart Highway town, population just eight, said she was famous in the Territory for her cooking.

“I’ve helped put Larrimah on the map,” she says.

Fran admits to the enmity between the two, going back over many years, naturally drew police to her door.

“People are trying to say I paid the gardener to bump him off, and I live just across the road from him.

“There are two possible explanations for what happened to Paddy.

“One, he wandered off into the bush, perhaps chasing his dog, I don’t know why, and became lost.

“The other is because of foul play, someone was more unhappy with him than I was.”

Fran said she had a clear conscience.

“I really hope they do find Paddy, and I hope it’s soon, because then all these rumours can finally stop.”

Fran’s letter to the Katherine Times.

I Fran Hodgett,

Known as Fran’s Tea House Larrimah would like to let the local people of Larrimah know that NO I did not have anything to do with the disappearance of Paddy Moriarty.

NO I don’t know where is he and yes I do want him to be found so I can sit back and say I told you so. If I hear anymore rumours or I get any more accusing phone calls which can be traced I will take legal proceedings.

I would like to thank the local residents and businesses for believing in me as I was in Katherine last Tuesday and stopped by those who know me which made me the happiest I’ve been in twomonths.

Please feel free and safe to still call in for devonshire tea or coffee and say hello.


Katherine Times

Prescribing doctor faces SA inquest

Lee-Anne Atkins hopes an inquest will find out why her husband was overdosed on opioids in hospital.A doctor who prescribed opioid painkillers to a man who died in Adelaide’s Flinders Medical Centre has told an inquest he should have consulted a pain specialist before doing so.
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Dr Christos Marantos treated Stephen Atkins, who died in March 2015 after he was administered Fentanyl and Oxycodone to manage his chronic neck pain.

His cause of death at autopsy was Fentanyl and Oxycodone toxicity, but there is some dispute between professionals as to the accuracy of the finding.

In the South n Coroners Court on Wednesday, Dr Marantos said in addition to the two opioids he also prescribed Oxycontin, a slow-release form of Oxycodone.

He told the inquest he had commonly seen the three drugs prescribed together during his training, but said guidelines released by the American College of Physicians in 2017 suggested the combined use of the drugs was “potentially unsafe” and the dosages become difficult to adjust.

The doctor also admitted he should have consulted the hospital’s acute pain service before prescribing the drugs.

He accepted Mr Atkins’ wife, Lee-Anne Atkins, and one of their sons had approached him the day before the death and told him Mr Atkins was “very groggy and seemed out of it”, but he said he did not go back and check on him.

“I didn’t get the impression that I needed to go back and see the patient,” he told the inquest.

“Retrospectively, in hindsight, yes I should have gone back and seen Mr Atkins.”

On Tuesday, counsel assisting the coroner Kathryn Waite said the hospital had failed Mr Atkins on two levels.

She said staff administered him potentially lethal opioids without closely monitoring him, and said there were also questions as to whether the medication should have been prescribed.

The inquest continues before Deputy State Coroner Jayne Basheer.

Golf: James Nitties back on course after lean two years

IN THE ZONE: James Nitties lines up a putt at the World Super 6 tournament last week. Picture: PGA JAMES Nitties admitshe questioned whether he was “still good enough” to earn a living as a professional golfer and contemplated getting “a job”.
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The 35-year-old former US PGA tour player has experienced lean times since losing his playing status on the US second tier Web苏州夜总会招聘 tour at the end of 2015.

“There are lot of good golf pros going through tough times, not getting in events,” Nitties said.

“You always have those feelings: Am I still good enough?Should I get a job?Members at local clubs asking why are playing terrible …all that sort of stuff. Deep down, you know you are good enough.”

Any doubts Nitties –or the golfing world –had about his ability were wiped after he finished second at the $1.75mWorld Super 6 Perth on Sunday.

The Charlestownright-hander collected $181,101in prize money and improved his world ranking 623 places to 401.

“Not only does it re-enforce your own belief, it lets people know that you are still working really hard and trying to make it back to the next level again,” Nitties said.“This week I played well all week bar the second round, which was a tough round for everyone.The putter worked wellI changed my putting strokebefore the n Open. After a while I starting getting confident with it and trusting it. It was good to see some putts fall.”

The Perth event was co-sanctioned with the European and Asian tours and had Nitties he would have gained automatic playing rights on both circuits.

“It doesn’t really change my year,” Nitties said. “First place would have. Unfortunately I am not a member of the European Tour. It just helps the money issues, not worrying week to week and being able to do more US PGA qualifiers. You neverknow, I could do what I did last week.I am a member of both those tours and my money would count.”

The rich Perth purse shot Nitties to the top of the sian Order of Merit after three events.

”The goal is to try and finish as high as I can on the money list,” Nitties said. “That can open a lot of doors. Every dollar counts. That is my main goal, that would open finals stage possibilities in Europe and America, which is where I want to be.”

Next for Nitties is the $125,000 Queensland PGA, starting in Toowoomba on Thursday where he is one of seven Novocastrians im the field alongside Nick Flanagan,Cal O’Reilly, Aaron Townsend, Jamie Hooke, Clayton Bridges and amateur Dylan Perry.

“I have played there in the past couple of years andfinished11thlast year,” Nitties said. “It is a little different to the course last week. It is tight and a lot softer. You will have to go deep. If the weather is good you nearly need around the18-to-22 under to win.”

Show Chinans some love on tax: Leigh

Andrew Leigh has used a Valentine’s Day theme to attack the government’s business tax cut plan.Tax is a pretty dry subject at any time but Andrew Leigh has used Valentine’s Day to bring some love to the issue.
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The shadow assistant treasurer pounced on an ABC analysis revealing one-in-five of the country’s biggest companies paid no tax for at least the past three years, while Qantas hadn’t paid any in nearly a decade.

Dr Leigh said while this should cause “heartbreak” for the Turnbull government, it remained “infatuated” in giving $65 billion in tax cuts to business.

“The Turnbull government needs to fall in love with ordinary ns rather than protecting large multinational corporations and millionaires,” he told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

“Despite soaring corporate profits, and the fact that ‘s company tax rate places us in the middle of the G20 pack, the only policy (the treasurer) has eyes for is a big business tax cut.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hit back at the ABC analysis, describing it as one of the most “confused and poorly” researched articles he had seen on this topic.

“The ABC, that’s an enterprise that understands profit and loss. It understands taxes. They’re recipients of them – they receive them, taxpayers’ funds,” he told parliament.

The government wants to cut the corporate to 25 per cent for all business

But the legislation looks set to be blocked in the upper house, with One Nation and Nick Xenophon Team senators already indicating they will join Labor and the Greens in opposing the move.

The government argued the rate cut would make competitive in a world where other economies were slashing their rates, which will boost investment, jobs and wages.

Prominent economist Saul Eslake believes already operates in a lenient tax environment.

When compared to Canada , which has a similar economy to , Mr Eslake told the ABC it cut its corporate tax rate from around 42 per cent in 2000 to about 26 per cent in 2011.

“However, in the past 15 years business investment has raised more in than in Canada, it hasn’t done anything significant to boost wages,” he says.

But Chris Richardson, an economist at Deloitte Access Economics, believes the parliament is on the brink of leaving $20 billion a year of dividends “lying in the gutter” if the tax plan is rejected.

He told the n Financial Review two-thirds of the benefits from the tax cuts would show up as wages and one third as profits.

Lifting the bar in fitness

Southern Cross Fitness offers a complete one-stop shop foryour fitness equipment needs, ranging from sales, service and repair.
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Knowledgeable and passionate staff customise servicesto satisfy client needs.

CHOICE: The new Matrix range of equipment is flowing into Newcastle homes offering a complete entertainment solution whilst exercising.

“We offer what we call a tailored fitness solution complete with a range of finance options from Interest free purchasing, afterpay and commercial equipment leasing,” commercial sales specialist Dan Smith said.

“For commercial clients, we can offer a complete service from 2D and 3D gym design, complete gym fit-out, finance solutions and ongoing preventative maintenance service agreements.”

All sales staff at Southern Cross Fitness have extensive backgrounds in the fitness industry. Store manager Sarah McKenzie and Danare qualified personal trainers with Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Dan studied a bachelor’s of Exercise and Sports Science in the US while attending college on a baseball scholarship. Managing director Stephanie Bow played elite level soccer and has been involved in selling fitness equipment for over 15 years.

As a result,sales staff are uniquely positioned toprovide expert knowledge on all products across the fitness industry spectrum tailored to client needs.

“Customers are usually blown away by how much choice we have,” says Stephanie.

“Our customer feedback proves wegoabove and beyond to offer the worlds leading brands with exceptionalservice andif we don’t have what you’re looking for we’ll source it for you,” she explains

The tailored fitness solutions vary for all budgets and levels of fitness.

“We understand you need to feel comfortable talking about weight loss and fitness goals and that’s what we do best.”

Commercial gym facility planning and fit-outs are anothercore area of the business, supplying equipment to Hunter New England Health, Oaks Pacific Resorts, Anytime Fitness, Defence Force , Private Hospitals, Walker Grange, Palm Lake, Halliday Shores over 55’s Resorts, CrossFit Boxes, PT Studios, high performance facilities and schools.

Southern Cross Fitness is located at 2/395 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay. Call 4954 8811 or visit www.southernxfitness苏州夜总会招聘.au.

Acquitted Flori has Qld top cop in sights

Former Queensland police officer Rick Flori is awaiting the jury’s verdict in his misconduct trial.Police whistleblower Rick Flori believes Commissioner Ian Stewart’s position as Queensland’s top cop is untenable after he was found not guilty of misconduct.
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Former Gold Coast sergeant Flori, 47, was acquitted of a single count of misconduct in relation to public office by a majority 11-1 jury verdict following a six-day trial at Southport District Court.

Mr Flori was charged after leaking CCTV footage of a violent January 2012 arrest during which officers bashed a handcuffed man in the Surfers Paradise station basement.

The prosecution alleged Mr Flori leaked the footage as part of a vendetta against Senior Sergeant David Joachim, an officer involved in the arrest, who had been promoted ahead of him in 2011.

Six years after the footage went public, Mr Flori’s supporters shouted “yes” and “justice” when the verdict was delivered following eight hours of deliberations.

Outside court, Mr Flori, who has since resigned, said Mr Stewart’s position was “absolutely” untenable.

He said the commissioner had questions to answer about his involvement in the decision to pursue a prosecution against him.

“He’s made public comment on the ABC and tried to pre-empt things in public and he was just not on the money, not right in any way,” Mr Flori said.

“The result is proof of that really.”

Mr Flori said he’d been vindicated by the result, which he felt would be a boost to any other police who wished to speak out about illegal conduct.

“I don’t regret it and I’d do the same thing, over and over again,” he said.

“This is the difficulty. The ethical standards command, the police service, the CCC (Crime and Corruption Commission), continued on this path – not necessarily to get me – but to send a message to those within the service ‘don’t say anything’.”

During the trial, Mr Flori’s barrister Saul Holt QC labelled the accusation of a vendetta by his client against Sen Sgt Joachim as nonsense.

Mr Holt said Mr Flori had made complaints about several other officers during his career and his behaviour towards Sen Sgt Joachim wasn’t exceptional.

He told the court Mr Flori’s motivation to leak the footage was “pure” and intended to ensure those responsible for the violent arrest were exposed.

“This incident is astonishing,” Mr Holt said. “The fact we know about it through the leak is a good thing.”

Mr Flori said he would leave his options open about taking legal action against the QPS.

He also refused to rule out returning to the service – but only in one role.

“I’d take a job but the only one I’d be taking is the commissioner’s job,” he said.

Cricketers help save the life of a player who suffered a heart attack mid-game at Lakeside Sports Complex

LIFESAVING: Belgravia Leisure lifeguard Stephen Amess, Seaham Cricket Club captain Michael Akerman and Hinton Cricket Club secretary Adam Cooper at Lakeside Sports Complex where Robert Mathew (Inset) suffered a heart attack on Saturday. Picture: Simon McCarthy. The collective efforts of two cricket sides anda pool lifeguardhelped save the life of a man who collapsed during a match at Raymond Terrace last weekend.
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Robert Mathew, a Hinton Cricket Club player, suffered a severe heart attack while fielding in a Maitland & District Cricket AssociationC-grade game at Lakeside Sports Complex near Grahamstown Dam on Saturday.

Players from the two teams, Hinton and Seaham cricket clubs, rushed to the 52-year-old’s aid and began immediate CPR.

Their efforts, along with a lifeguard from nearby Lakeside Leisure Centre who used the pool’s defibrillator, were instrumental in keeping the father of four alivebefore paramedics arrived.

Teammate and best friend, Chris Parkinson, was one of the first to administer first-aid. Mr Parkinson emotionally recounted the incidentto the NewcastleHerald, describing the heart-wrenching moments after his mate dropped to the ground.

“Bob and I have known each other for 25 years,” he said. “I was standing at cover and Bob was at fine leg, and some of the scorers’ just yelled out. We saw him down, and I was like a flash –I think it was the fastest I’d ever run.

“We rolled him over [and] it was obvious there was something wrong. He started to vomit and not breathe properly. When he went blue, I just panicked … I just panicked. There was a couple of other guys who took over.”

Adam Cooper, Hinton Cricket Club secretaryHeraldher father’s condition was slowly on the improve after he responded to commands from hospital staff on Wednesday morning. She read a statement on behalf of the family thanking those involved.

“We’re very grateful for the quick actions of the cricket teams from Hinton and Seaham, the staff at the Lakeside Leisure Centre and the emergency services personal,” she said.

“We would also like to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit Dad and offer support.”

The Maitland & District Cricket Associationhave offered to fundcounselling for any of the cricketers involved on the day.

A GoFundMe page titled ‘Raise a glass for Bobby’ has also been established to help with Mr Mathew’s recovery.

Beale back but Wallabies halves miss trial

Kurtley Beale will turn out for the Waratahs in their trial against the Rebels on Thursday.NSW Waratahs “barometer” Kurtley Beale is playing in Thursday’s rugby trial against Melbourne Rebels but the nation’s two most established halfbacks will be missing.
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Both teams will field eight Wallabies in their starting side with Test lock and new Rebels captain Adam Coleman making his first appearance for the Victorian franchise.

However among the notable absentees are Rebels and Wallabies halfback Will Genia (back) and his Test deputy and Waratahs No.9 Nick Phipps (calf).

Also missing will be three Wallabies with knee issues: Rebels winger Marika Koroibete and backrower Richard Hardwick and Waratahs lock-blindside flanker Ned Hanigan.

Beale, who is about to begin his third stint with the Tahs and is a former Rebel, pulled out of last week’s Tens tournament with an elbow injury.

“He’s like the barometer of the team, KB, when he’s up the whole team is up and you feel when there’s a loss that he hates it,” Waratahs captain Michael Hooper said.

“He’s great to have in the changing room, he lives and breathes the Tahs, so it’s great to have him back.”

Former Reds lock and Wallabies stalwart Rob Simmons will make his debut for NSW.

“He’s been fantastic since coming to Sydney, he’s pumped to play and pumped to prove a point,” Hooper said.

The match also marks the return of Waratahs and Wallabies fullback Israel Folau, who was rested from last year’s spring tour.

“He’s mentally refreshed, he looks in fantastic shape, so I know he’ll be coming out and wanting to prove a point,” Hooper said.

Both teams will be looking to build combinations and confidence after being heavily beaten in their first trials.

Tha Tahs were defeated 55-29 by the Highlanders and the Rebels were flogged 50-19 by the Brumbies.

NSW Waratahs: Israel Folau, Alex Newsome, Curtis Rona, Kurtley Beale, Andrew Kellaway, Bernard Foley, Jake Gordon, Jed Holloway, Michael Hooper (capt), Michael Wells, Rob Simmons, Tom Staniforth, Paddy Ryan, Damien Fitzpatrick, Tom Robertson.

Melbourne Rebels: Dane Haylett-Petty, Jack Maddocks, Tom English, Reece Hodge, Sefa Naivalu, Jack Debreczeni, Michael Ruru, Amanaki Mafi, Angus Cottrell, Lopeti Timani, Adam Coleman (capt), Matt Philip, Jermaine Ainsley, Jordan Uelese, Tetera Faulkner

The pitfalls of an office romance

Workplace relationships between a boss and subordinate should be declared early say experts.Barnaby Joyce’s extra-marital affair with his former media adviser has made him the latest poster boy for the pitfalls of office romances.
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The scandal surrounding the deputy prime minister’s relationship with Vikki Campion comes months after AFL executives Simon Lethlean and Richard Simkiss, Seven West Media boss Tim Worner and QBE chief executives John Neal had embarrassing details about their affairs with junior staff aired in public.

Workplace and relationship experts say each case is a wake-up call for employers and employees about how to handle themselves when office romances bloom.

With office relationships increasingly common, they advise employers to have clear policies in place about what happens when co-workers become a couple.

And a key plank of those policies should be for loved-up colleagues to declare their relationship pretty early on to a human resources executive or their boss, especially when a manager and subordinate are involved.

Mr Joyce, 50, has repeatedly stressed his relationship with Ms Campion, 33, who is expecting his baby in April, is private.

But the Nationals leader and deputy prime minister has been under intense pressure to explain how Ms Campion left his office last year to take high-paying jobs with Nationals Senator Matthew Canavan, and then with the party’s whip Damian Drum.

n Human Resource Institute chairman Peter Wilson says while inter-office romances are not illegal and there’s little point banning them, bosses sharing intimate relationships with staff have a duty to declare it because of potential conflicts of interest.

“Where people who are working together side by side and they have power over finances or decisions of the organisation where that has a risk of being compromised, that’s where the problem comes, especially when it’s not declared,” he told AAP.

“You can see the problems that the Barnaby Joyce revelations have had on both counts, declaration and implications in terms of allegations about what it might have meant for the appointments of his partner.”

Mr Wilson says if a manager and subordinate reveal they are in a relationship, their employers should separate them to avoid any conflict of interest and calm any worries among co-workers.

“Co-workers can feel that their rights to fair treatment in the workplace for promotion can be influenced by pillow talk, so they might think their chances for promotions or pay rises are prejudiced,” he said.

“We did a survey on business ethics recently and it found that people expect leaders to be ethical, and the higher ethical obligations fall with people in the most senior positions.

“So whether it’s the chief executive of a top company or the deputy prime minister or prime minister, people expect those people to hold the higher standards.”

Associate Professor Angela Knox, of the University of Sydney’s Business School, says a boss who declares their relationship with a subordinate is ultimately protecting their lover.

“More than anything it’s to protect the subordinate because there is a power imbalance,” she said.

“You never know; yes, it might turn into 50-odd years of marriage but it also might turn sour and very nasty.”

A Relationships survey in 2011 found 40 per cent of 35 to 49-year-olds met their spouse or partner at work.

The head of the organisation’s NSW branch, clinical psychologist Elisabeth Shaw, says while the workplace is an obvious source of dating opportunities, office affairs involving married people can have huge impacts.

“It depends how popular the people are. If everyone likes them and understands the attraction there can be a certain amount of benevolence towards it even if it’s not appropriate,” Ms Shaw said.

“But it can be that you find people are morally compromised. If you have social functions where you’ve brought your partner along routinely and so everyone knows them, it’s harder (for colleagues) to disengage and say, ‘well what they do is their own business’.

“I think if you know their partners, people can feel all sorts of compromise if they are asked to keep a secret.”

Careers can also be put at risk for those dallying in office affairs.

Ms Shaw says in Mr Joyce’s case, even if there is no evidence to substantiate suggestions that public funds may have been misused and favouritism show towards Ms Campion, incorrect perceptions may linger.

“No doubt if he leaves politics he will go on to board roles or other things but you need to look at what is it going to mean for her.”

Stoinis keen for more Eden Park action

It will be a happy return for Marcus Stoinis to Eden Park where he launched his international careerMarcus Stoinis is relishing his return to the ground which launched his international career as ‘s Twenty20 side prepare to face New Zealand in Auckland.
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With a spot in next week’s tri-series final already locked up, the visitors will be out to maintain their unbeaten run when they face the Black Caps on Friday night at Eden Park.

The ground holds fond memories for Stoinis, who became the talk of the cricket world when he scored an incredible 146 not out during last summer’s one-day international series.

fell six runs short of their target when Josh Hazlewood was run out at the non-striker’s end without facing a ball.

But it was a special knock from Stoinis who, in just his second ODI, became the first n to make a hundred and take at least three wickets (3-49) in the format.

Even the famously raucous Eden Park crowd showed their respect by giving Stoinis a standing ovation when he reached his ton.

“I’ve heard it’s pretty rare. Our coach apparently got hit by a fish one time off the boundary,” Stoinis quipped on Wedneday.

“That was amazing for me and very respectful from the crowd. I found out later how rare that it is so a very special moment for me.”

trained briefly at Eden Park on Wednesday although heavy rain prevented them using the nets.

Stoinis made his limited-overs debut during ‘s tour of England in 2015 but it wasn’t until his Eden Park master knock that he felt he had arrived on the international scene.

“My career pretty much started here so I’m excited to be back,” he said.

“To come back after 18 months and do well and help the team out, it was just a ‘thank God’ sort of thing … ‘I’m here now and I can get a few games’.”

With 221 runs at 44.20, Stoinis was ‘s second-highest scorer behind Aaron Finch during their 4-1 ODI series defeat to England.

His middle-order position means he has only been required to bat once so far in the T20 series, although he has also contributed some handy overs of medium-pace.

will be hoping for another strong top-order performance when they face New Zealand, who claimed a 12-run win over England in Wellington on Tuesday night.

A Black Caps victory on Friday would guarantee next week’s final is a trans-Tasman affair.

Stoinis said it was possible the visitors would take the opportunity to try a few new things.

“Maybe it just plays into the brand of cricket we want to play which is fearless cricket,” he said.

“We are in the final so now we can really just continue that.”