Adam and Brooke put trust in their music

After ten years together, Brooke McClymont (R) and Adam Eckersley have released their first album.From the beginning, Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley have truly tested their relationship.

The country musicians grew up on the same street in Grafton NSW and were friends before anything else, but by the time they decided to make it something else, Eckersley had a nine-month-old son from a previous relationship and was living in a van.

“I was like ‘what am I doing’? I’d never thought of myself as going into a relationship as a step mum, but we just kind of said ‘Let’s do it’,” McClymont told AAP.

So she jumped in, despite any potential reservations she may have had. Their life in a van at Merewether Beach in Newcastle lasted a month before they embarked on the next test – moving into an actual house together.

Within 18 months, they were married.

It’s ten years later and the couple have a five-year-old daughter, a strong relationships and have managed to maintain their separate music careers in popular country groups The McClymonts and the Adam Eckersely Band.

So, obviously, it felt like time for their next test – their first album together.

“There were a lot of ‘firsts’ with this project so it kept it interesting. Like producing it ourselves, working together on a serious project, picking what the sound was going to be, creating something fresh,” McClymont said.

The self-titled album has been a decade in the making.

“We’d kind of been writing for ten years, we had a few in the catalogue and really went back and looked at those songs. A few of them were perfect for this project so we only had about five songs to write for the album,” McClymont said.

On their first track, Train Wreck, they sing: “Have you had enough of this crazy ride yet?”

But these two seem to thrive on the unpredictable. It’s unlikely either of them will be jumping off this ride any time soon.

The rest of the album sounds like an honest love letter to a relationship that has survived every test this pair have thrown at it.

“Musically we both have so much respect for each other and where we come from with music, we sort of naturally found that we complemented each other,” Eckersley said.

* Adam & Brooke the album is out now and the pair are currently on a national tour