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FRESH: Variety is key to a healthy lunch, aim for a colourful collection of fresh fruit and veg to keep you feeling full with the right stuff.When we are busy often the first thing to fall by the wayside is our diet.
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Lunchtimes in particular can be tricky, kids are invariablybusyat school and need healthy snacks that are easy to tackle, while workplace lunch options can be high in salt and fat as convenience and speed are often the priority.

Keeping little bellies fuller for longer with an appealing variety of food at school doesn’t have to be hard for mums and dads and if you’re packing for them, why not pack for yourself and save both your wallet and your waistline at the same time.

And variety in a lunch box is the key, saysaccredited practising dietitian Lisa Donaldson.

Ms Donaldson, a spokesperson forthe Dietitians Association of , said it was important to pack a variety from the five food groups.

“Limit the amount of pre-packaged foods for lunches and opt for a variety of fruits and vegetables,” she said.

“Whether it be crunchy, cooked, raw or stewed -try a variety of textures, particularly when it comes to kids and opt for colourful foods like capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber.

“A cooked carrot may get refused at the dinner table but can make a terrific dipping stick with hummus, or a great sandwich filling when grated.”

Ms Donaldson said foods that wererich in protein and healthy fats wouldkeep little bellies fuller for longer.

“Try packing a cold chicken drumstick, some seeds, yoghurt, avocado or some cheese,” she said.

And getting the kids involved in putting together their own school lunches could be a way to create interest and excitement around eating.

“Planning ahead, and choosing healthy options that both you and your kids enjoy, can be a great way to promote positive lunchtime choices and establish healthy eating habits in the whole family” Ms Donaldson said.

A healthylunch generally consists of a main item (e.g.sandwich/ wrap/soup/pasta with veg), a fruit/vegetable snack (apple/in season fruit, veggie sticks, side salad), a second snack (reduced fat yoghurt, wholegrain crackers with cheese) and a drink (water or plain milk).

“Always try and pack a dairy option if you can.In the warmer weather pack an ice brick to keep school lunch boxitems cool,” she said.

Top tips for a healthy lunch1. Sandwiches:vary bread and fillings.Alternate multi-grain or wholemeal rolls, wraps and bread and store leftovers in the freezer. Cut sandwiches into shapes such as squares or trianglesor, for a bit of fun, try a large cookie cutter.

2. Nibble mixes are great to graze on -popcorn, dried fruit, seeds or cubes of low fat cheese and grainy crackers. While nuts are usually not accepted in schools, they provide great protein for a workplace snack.

3. For an easy snack for the kids, cut raison bread or fruit loaf into quarters.

4. Pack crunchy veggie sticks such ascarrot, celery andcapsicum withhummus and tzatziki.​​

5.Replace juice for water. While juice appears to be a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, it contains high amounts of sugar, so always opt for water as a first choice.

​6.Eggs make a great high protein snack and can be boiled and placed in the fridge to save time.

7.Rice cakes can be a good alternative to bread and less filling, topped with avocado and tomato is a tasty, nutritious snack.​

8.Home cooked is best: if you have the timethen home cooked treats like savoury muffins, frittata, and slices can be great fillers for hungry kids and by baking them yourself you know exactly what’s inside them.

If the idea of organising your lunch ahead of a busy family morning is just too much, then there are services that can do all the hard work for you and still ensure you have a healthy balanced lunch.

Fast fuel meals have a variety of locations across Newcastle and the Hunter anddeliver healthy, nutritious lunch meals and snacks to workplaces everyday.

Via an easy to useonline ordering system Fast Fuel take the hassle out of cash exchange, enablingemployers to either buy for employees, oremployees tolog on and place their ownorder. Meals are fresh, chef prepared, and macro balanced by dietitian Kirsty Seward.

The system allows the user to select the date for the order to be delivered.

Chad Taylor, founder of Fast Fuel,is passionate about changing attitudes and behaviourtoward food.

He believes that eating healthy not only helps you to feel better, but can improve overall quality of life.

The Fast Fuel meal delivery service has been designed to go beyond the notion of healthy lunches and really drills into the opportunity for employers to embrace workplace health and the long term impact it can have on productivity, along with rates of sick leave taken and overall employee engagement.

“By includingworkplace lunches into salary packagesfor employees, firms are driving a clear message to their staff that their health and happiness matters,” said Chad Taylor.

Fast Fuel have a great blog with a comprehensive range of articles on all things food and health. visit www.fastfuelmeals苏州夜总会招聘.aufor more information.

Regardless of who in your household is lunching, taking the time to prepare fresh food and consider what you and your family are consuming day to day is well worth thinking about.

Origin beyond team hosting two games: QRL

The NRL is yet to say when NSW or Queensland will again host more than one Origin game in a series.Queensland Rugby League boss Robert Moore says State of Origin has “gone beyond” the days of a team hosting two games every year after Adelaide was unveiled as the latest venue.
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The NRL confirmed on Wednesday that one of the first two games of the 2020 series would be held at Adelaide Oval.

It will be the third consecutive series in which a game will be played outside NSW and Queensland with matches allocated for the MCG in 2018 and Perth next year.

The Origin schedule beyond 2020 is yet to be confirmed.

NSW are next to host two games a year after Queensland had their turn in 2017.

But they will not get their first chance until at least 2021 after the Adelaide announcement.

While Queensland will have to wait until 2022 at the earliest, Moore had no problem with neutral venues and believed the benefits to the game far outweighed a home series advantage.

“I don’t know if the days of a team hosting two games a year are numbered but the game has gone beyond that,” he told AAP.

“We will always maintain that on occasion there will be two games in each of the states.

“But I can see the benefits of playing outside our states from the point of view of promoting expansion and the benefits to the game through revenue which goes back to grass roots footy.”

Moore said it made sense to take Origin games to other venues – even throwing out Townsville’s new 25,000-seat stadium to be completed by 2020 as a potential host.

“Origin is played in 50,000 seat stadiums and Townsville is not that, that could be an issue,” he said.

“But who is to say in the future. I wouldn’t want to discount it.

“New Zealand is also a very strong market.

“I am not convinced that the market is mature enough for us to take games to Hong Kong or Singapore like other sports but maybe in the future – we will wait and see.”

Meanwhile, NRL football boss Brian Canavan talked down the prospect of a backlash from Queensland or NSW fans for taking the game to neutral territory.

“We’ve been through that before with Melbourne and that doesn’t seem to worry us,” he said.

Queensland coach Kevin Walters added: “They’d play in a bindi field if they had to, they just love what Origin’s about.”

Canavan and South sports minister Leon Bignell declined to say what SA paid to host the game.

The AFL usually have scheduling priority at Adelaide Oval but have guaranteed a date will be available in June 2020 for the Origin clash.

Adelaide Oval will also host Sydney Roosters’ Round 16 NRL clash with Melbourne this year.

Three NRL matches have been played at the venue since 2010 with a combined crowd of 41,800 – well short of the ground’s 53,500 capacity.

Newcastle District Cricket Association: England-bound Keith Moody delivers win for Stockton at home

RUNS: Stockton 18-year-old Keith Moody scored a match-winning 98 not out for his hometown club in Newcastle district’s first grade competition on Saturday. Picture: Merrillie ReddenEnglish-bound batsman Keith Moody may have fallen two short of hismaiden first-grade century, but the Stockton 18-year-old wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Moody made a career-best98 not out at Lynn Oval on Saturday and fortunately didn’t run out of partners, rather his belovedSeagulls past the total of their opponents and recorded what was a rare win this season.

“I came off the field and got toldI only needed two more, I couldn’t believe it,” the right-hander said.

“The next day we realised it was two-day rules so we could have kept playing after we won, but we didn’t realise at the time.

“Ah well, at least we got the win. That was the most satisfying thing. It wouldn’t have meant as much to me if we didn’t win. I wasreally happy.”

The result could have quite easily gone the other way, as it has plenty of other times for the tenth-placed teamin 2017-2018.

Chasing down Newcastle City’s 5-238 from 45 overs on day two of the round 12 fixture, Stockton-Raymond Terrace were 2-9 and then 3-54 with both skipper Jeff Goninan and NSW Country representative Nick Foster back in the pavilion.

Enter Moody, who combined with Laurence Kelly (83) for a 163-run fourth-wicket partnership, before eventually reaching the required target five down with 33 balls to spare.

“Me and Laurence have been struggling a bit with scores this year so it was good we both got one and were able to get over the line in the end,” Moody said.

“We always knew we could chase theruns at Lynn Oval–smallboundary, fast outfield, pretty flat wicket – it was just about hanging around.

”It’sbeen a tough year. Ithink those close results come down to a lack of experience, most of our team are 23 and under. We’ve alwayshad the potential, butit’s just about doing it week in and week out now.

“Anyway, a few of the old boys and other grades were in the sheds after the game and the song was very loud. It was one of the best renditions I’ve heard for a while.”

Moody, born and bred on the peninsula, started playing with the club at under 9s and followed the footsteps of father Andrew, better known as Paul, into first grade when making his debut last summer.

“I’ve never been anywhere else and always wear that cap with pride,” Moody said.

In April Moody, who finished school at Hamilton’s St Francis Xavier Collegelast year, will venture further afield for six months by deferring PE teaching study at the University of Newcastle to play in England with West Midlands club Pelsall in the Staffordshire Club Cricket Championship.

“I’ve always wanted to do it and I thought this was the perfect opportunity,” he said.

Moody said the direct link was Pelsall’s Todd Henderson, who played with Stockton in 2011-2012 and midway through the summerled the district’s first grade bowling ranks with 30 wickets at an average of 11.83.

A-League: Hired gun O’Donovan primed to strike for Jetsvideo, photos

LOCKED AND LOADED: Coach Ernie Merricks expects striker Roy O’Donovan to be better for his return game and extra week of training when the Jets take on Wanderers at Spotless Stadium on Friday. Picture: Sproule Sports FocusNEWCASTLE Jets coach Ernie Merrick can see it in thebody language and more importantly in the timing of his runs –Roy O’Donovan is back in the groove.
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O’Donovan worked tirelessly but didn’t have a major impact, firing two shots, in the Jets’ 2-0 win over Melbourne Victory last round.

Target practice: Roy, Dimi, Pato let rip. @[email protected]@newcastleheraldpic.twitter苏州夜总会招聘/iK45RY9Fsh

— James Gardiner (@JamesGardiner42) February 13, 2018TweetFacebookI think it is the timing of his runs, they are getting better and better.

– Ernie Merrick

“Pato has never really been a goal-scorer,” Merrick said.“He has always been a person who delivers crosses into the box.Now he is getting in the box and scoring some fantastic goals at training. I have to get him to do that more often in matches.He is one of a couple of players who are fairly new. Riley McGree is getting the hang of how we play.If we can take advantage of the next seven weeks, we can be a better team in the finals and that is what we are focused on.”

Merrick had also hoped to have injured marquee midfielder Ronny Vargas in the mix over the next fortnight but the Venezuelan international is now unlikely to return for at least another month.

“Ronny’s target was the Sydney game, but if he is going to make that on the March 3, he is going to have to step up his program big time,” Merrick said.

“I still feel we will have him in plenty of time for the finals. to get two or three full games under his belt.”

Anti-bikie strike force to investigate feud between rival Hunter gangs

GANGBUSTERS: Strike Force Raptor detectives at the Islington headquarters of the Nomads bikie gang last week. Police have announced a new strike force to tackle Hunter bikies.FRUSTRATED policehave raised the stakes in the fight against feuding Hunter bikie gangs after confirmation authorities will establish ananti-bikie strike force for the region.
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News of the announcement came a day after another brazen drive-by shooting in Tenambit on Tuesday night – the same home that had been shot at a month ago – and the third public shooting inMaitland this year.

The shootings follow anescalation in bikie tensions, primarily between the Nomads and Finks outlaw motorcycle gangs, stemming from a feud that has simmered for more than a year and spilled out into a series of tit-for-tatattacks.

READ MORE: Police storm Nomads’ Islington clubhouse

Police confirmed Strike Force Darnay would be made up of highly trained detectives from across the region, and bolstered with members from theState Crime Command’s highly successful Strike Force Raptor.

The focus of the new strike force would be trained on bringing down those responsible for the attacks.

“The message I want to get out to the public is that these are not random shootings – they are targeted,” Port Stephens/Hunter Detective Superintendent Craig Jackson said on Wednesday.

“I want to allay any public fears in relation to that and they will be subject to investigation.”

Detective Superintendent Jackson added: “Any public place shooting is a concern for us.

Bullet holes seen in a Gillieston Heights home after a shooting earlier this month. Picture: Simon McCarthy

“Any criminal organisation that is involved in this will be subject to investigation and there are a number of inquiries being conducted.

“Some of those will involve outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

READ MORE: The old rules helping cops shut down bikie clubhouses

No one was inside the home on Clarence Street, Tenambit, when it was sprayed with bullets from a car shortly before 10pm on Tuesday.

The bullet holes had barely been patched over from when the same house was shot at on January 17.

Another early-morning shooting took place at a Gillieston Heights home onFebruary 2.

Last weekpolice landed a blow on the Newcastle chapter of the Nomads bikie gang after the NSW Supreme Court declared their Islington clubhouse a “restricted premises”. The Restricted Premises Act 1943 prevents criminals from gathering at the clubhouse.

Commercial Property: Former church in Tudor Street offers options

POTENTIAL: This property in a highly visible location on Tudor Street in Newcastle West is being sold through an expressions of interest campaign.A building on Tudor Street has attracted plenty of interest, mostly from developers, since hitting the market this month.
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David Rogers of Dowling Commercial is marketing the property at 3 Tudor Street, Newcastle West through an expressions of interest campaign closing March 2.

He said the building, formerly a church, was being offered for sale or lease with most enquiry to date coming from purchasers.

Thetwo-storey building underwent significant refurbishment forcommercial usage in recent years and both levels hasa net lettable area of around 400 square metres.

The ground floor lay-out is open plan with some offices, storerooms and amenities.

There are a dozen offices of varying sizes upstairs and also the potential to increase the floor size with the addition of a mezzanine area.

The overall site area is around 727 square metres. The property is zoned B4Mixed Use.

OFFICE SPACEA commercial office in Charlestown for lease offers a prominent position and business exposure, according to listing agent Alan Tonks of Raine & Horne Commercial.

The property on level twoat 215-217 Pacific Highway comprises 591 square metres and includes 10 undercover security car spaces.

It also has a reception andwaiting area, four interview rooms, a boardroom plus threeprivate offices and an open floor plan area.

Fall in vacancyThe Property Council of ’s latest Office Market Report, released this month, showed that Newcastle’s office market was one of the strongest in the country with vacancy dropping from 10.3 to 9.0 per cent.

Property Council NSW executive director Jane Fitzgerald said thedrop in vacancy was due to positive demand and withdrawals indicating Newcastle was an emerging regional office market.

“Newcastle has a strong office market with a growing population and local economic growth,” she said.

“Over the period, 1250 square metres of office space was added indicating there is still strong supply.”

Industrial property vacancy rates in Newcastle have fallenfrom 7.56 per centto 4.53 per centin two years, according to the 2018 Raine & Horne Industrial Average which isthe company’sannual measurement of vacancies in Newcastle.

Look above for inspiration

Let the light shine in: People are drawn to light naturally and so a skylight can become a dramatic and alluring selling point.
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In its most recent economic outlook, the Reserve Bank of noted that conditions in the established housing market have cooled in recent months. This might mean that you are having second thoughts aboutputting a “For sale” sign in your front yard, even though you’d like to upgrade.

Skylights offer privacy

Perhaps this is the good time to capitalise on what you already have and add value to your home.

One simple way to add a wow factor, and even create new rooms from previously unusable space, is skylights.

Opening up an attic

Watchers of the most recent series of The Block may have noted thatfour of the five final homes featured skylights, whether it was to transform a small space such as a bathroom or attic, or to create an eye-catching design feature.

​As a result, The Attic Group’s Liz Stewart has seen demand increase for skylights and roof windows. The Attic Group exclusively distributes European brandFakro and is the premium distributor for Velux, the brand featured on The Block

“People used to think that a skylight was a square cut into their roof but this is no longer the case. From custom-made installations, you can create designer skylight triptychs, and false or recessed ceilings which frame inner window inserts from above. These ceiling framesrender the view into natural canvases showcasing the sky and trees above,” Ms Stewart said.

“And windows no longer need to be fixed. Openableelectrical skylights are remote control operated and come with a range of optional blinds or slides.

“People can also see the added value that these bespoke offerings add to their home. People are drawn to light naturally and so a skylight can become a dramatic and alluring selling point,” she said.

Hail-tested, providing 30 per centmore light than similar sized windows, as well as offering total privacy are some of the drawcards for skylights.

You can also get a coating which prevents dust and dirt build-up which means that they are self-cleaning. Plus a five-star energy rating meansthese windows keep the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter.

University of Newcastle entrepreneur of the year James Rabbitt put his passion for coding into Broader Learning

Bright sparks: “Enabling kids to deeply understand and make diverse use of what they have available to them is highly valuable,” says James Rabbitt of coding. You have co-founded the start-up Broader Learning, which aims to make fun coding programs that encourage kids to learn. How old were you when you first started coding?
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I first started to learn to code on and off when I was 14 – it wasn’t until I was 17 that I started to properly grasp how to use programming to solve problems of my own. I had a great teacher in years 11 and 12 who really helped me to understand it.

What does coding fundamentally teach kids?

Coding helps kids to understand how computers, phones and apps work. It also provides them with a new and unique creative medium for expressing themselves and exploring new ideas. Learning to code enables students to better interact with and express themselves in our increasingly digital world.

When and why did you start Broader Learning and how does it operate?

Broader Learning was incorporated in July 2016, we started operating commercially in early 2017. We wanted to provide a means for schools and students to access long-term quality learning programs that are delivered in-person. We work with parents, teachers and schools to bring quality STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) learning programs to schools in a before or after school format. We also provide staffing services, professional learning sessions and are developing some products that we hope to commercialise.

Your business plan?

To use best-in-class resources to deliver fun and deeply engaging learning programs. Our education operations provide us with a great understanding of the challenges and shortfalls of current programs and resources and inform our in-house product research and development. In the future we aim to work with schools across through both distance learning and in-person program delivery.

And your goals?

We aim to become trusted advisors for parents, teachers and education providers across . We want to continue to work closely with our customers to develop the best possible STEM educational resources and learning programs and make them available to as wide an audience as possible.

When did you get a breakthrough with BL as far as customers?

In the latter half of last year we had a teacher whose children attended one of our holiday programs approach us to run a program at the school she teaches at. I can’t imagine a better vote of confidence than a parent and passionate teacher trusting us with both their own children and students.

James RabbittSeewww.broader苏州夜总会招聘.au

Putty Valley Road spot fires as bushfire flares

Conditions have eased as firefighters continue to monitor a major bushfire that’s burned thousands of hectares of national park in the Hunter.
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The Rural Fire Service has issued an updated emergency warning for the bushfire in the Wollemi National Park and Putty State Forest which has burned 6700 hectares.

The alert was downgraded to a watch and act level about 9.30pm on Wednesday, with homes still under threat, but the threat has now eased, the RFS said in a statement on Thursday.

The fire is burning in an easterly direction in the area of Bakers Road and Gibbs Creek Road/Putty Valley Road, Putty under strong westerly winds.

Firefighters have been advising residents in the area and remain at the scene to protect rural properties.

They have warned people to keep monitoring conditions and check their bushfire survival plan.

On Wednesday night, the RFS warned residents on Bakers and Putty Valley roads to take shelter and that it was “too late to leave” as strong westerly winds whipped up the fire.

Severe fire conditions saw the blaze engulf thousands of hectares of bushland while firefighters worked to bring it under control.

Fire danger ratings across NSW’s east range were raised from high and very high throughout Thursday.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 2FIREFIGHTERS told residents it wastoo late to leave properties outside Singleton on Wednesday as a bushfire smouldering since late January turnedtowards them in severe conditions.

Emergency messages were sent about 5pm as the alert level for the Putty fire rose to an emergency warningon Wednesday, the fire burning east towards Bakers Road under strong westerlies.

“People in the vicinity of Bakers Road and Putty Valley Road should take shelter as the fire approaches,” the Rural Fire Service said.

“It is too late to leave.

Severe weather conditions on Wednesday meant spot fires were erupting “well ahead of the main fire”, which has burned more than 1700 hectares.

“Under these conditions fires can be difficult to control,” the Rural Fire Service said.

“These spot fires may threaten your home earlier than the predicted main fire front [would].”

The Putty fire sparked on January 28 but has been burning through remote country since then.

A second fire was alsosweeping through grass near the Golden Highway and Reedy Creek Road at Hollydeen, in Muswellbrook local government area, about 4pm Wednesday.

The Golden Highway was shut as a result.Firefighters said the severe weather conditions could make itdifficult to control a blaze.

Residents in that area were urged to put their survival plans into action.

“Well prepared and actively defended homes can offer safety during the fire,” the RFS said in a statement.

“But only stay if you are physically and mentally prepared to do so.”

Separately, afire on Raymond Terrace Roadnear Maitland was contained after burning about eight hectares.Live updates are available at

Gallop bemoans poor A League numbers

FFA chief David Gallop (file) says expansion will not automatically solve the A-League’s problems.n soccer boss David Gallop warns expansion will not solve all problems as the A-League suffers through a significant slump.
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Gallop says no-one could be happy with the A-League’s TV numbers and crowds.

He says the game has to be marketed better in , so more people who play at the grassroots level become rusted-on A-League fans.

The FFA chief executive said on Wednesday 10 teams were not enough and 12 would be preferable.

“Expansion can often have pitfalls and be a very costly venture in n sport … we need to think carefully about that,” he told SEN.

He expects progress in the next few months as the game works through a complex set of issues linked to how the A-League operates, raising capital for new teams and the rewards for current owners.

Gallop was blunt about the A-League this season.

“No-one could be happy with the pure output, in terms of numbers around attendances and ratings,” he said.

“Of course, those never tell the full story, the quality of the football has been high, Sydney FC have just played beautiful football and look almost unstoppable.

“But it’s another reminder of the competition in the n market.”

He said this A-League season had struggled to generate interest in the wake of the Socceroos’ qualifying process late last year, then the rugby league World Cup, the Ashes, the BBL and the n Open.

“Football needs to actually think about how it’s marketed, both at club level and our level as we go into the next season in October,” Gallop said.

“The sport has a lot of reason to be optimistic, confident about the future.

“The challenge is to turn those grass roots participants into fans of the A-League.

“It’s still a relatively young competition, it doesn’t have the generational support of the AFL and NRL.”

Gallop was similarly frank about poor A-League TV ratings.

“That’s probably been frustrating for us, our clubs and no doubt for Ten and no doubt for Fox Sports as well,” he said.