Bridget McKenzie breaks silence over Barnaby Joyce affair, backs Joyce as leader

Senator Bridget McKenzie walks down the halls of Parliament House after her interview with Sky News. Picture: Alex EllinghausenNATIONALS deputy leader Bridget McKenzie has broken her silence over the Barnaby Joyce affair, telling Sky News that she has no issues with Mr Joyce’s handling of the situation and has backed him as leader.

The senator, who has an office in Bendigo’s Hargreaves Mall, had not spoken publicly for more than a week since news of the scandal was broken.

In a televised interview, Senator McKenzie said Mr Joyce “has the full support of the party”.

She said speculation about other Nationals MPs moving to oust the leader was news to her.

[email protected]: There is no delegation. Somebody’s talking a big game to the media and not delivering…@Barnaby_Joyce has the full support of the party. https://t苏州夜场招聘/djOWIRoaXipic.twitter老域名购买/seSwtjme3f

— Sky News (@SkyNewsAust) February 14, [email protected]: Vikki Campion absolutely deserved those postings and was highly qualified in her roles…I don’t agree that all my colleagues are questioning our leader’s judgements at all. https://t苏州夜场招聘/djOWIRoaXipic.twitter老域名购买/ci16rYGbtq

— Sky News (@SkyNewsAust) February 14, 2018

“She was deputy editor of the Daily Tele, like seriously, highly qualified in her role,” she told Sky News.

“Relationship within the office changing, decisions, she made the right decision to go work in another office where her skills could be used for the party’s best outcomes.

“I don’t see that there’s an issue there at all, again Barnaby’s statement again outlines what occurred and I’m really, really comfortable with that.

“I don’t agree… that all my colleagues are questioning our leader’s judgement at all, that’s not my conversations with them at all.”

Senator McKenzie is expected to fly out of tomorrow for the Winter Olympics in South Korea in her role as sports minister.

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