Healing the natural way

DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE BREATHING?: Dry Salt Therapy is effective in reducing the need for medications and assisting with rehabilitation.For over five years, The Salt Therapy Centre Newcastle has been providing two very unique natural therapies to help people breathe easier, feel better and stay well in the Hunter Valley.

CHRONIC PAIN, AUTO-IMMUNE CONDITIONS, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE?: Infrared Therapy can assist with management and relief of these problems.

SALT THERAPYOriginating in salt mines in Europe, for centuries people have gone underground for relief of respiratory and skin conditions.

Clinical studies (starting in 1843 by Dr Felix Boczokwski in Poland, with the majority in Russia during the 1950s) helped determine how it works, why it is so effective and how to make it more reliable.

Twenty years ago, Russian pulmonologist DrAlinaChervinskaya invented a machine, a halogenerator, to grind salt into superfine particles and disperse them into the air, creating the first above-ground salt room.

Since then, salt therapy has grown in popularity and spread around the world.

It is a mainstream therapy in Israel, Russian, Poland and other Eastern European countries as a common practice to relieve allergies, respiratory conditions, skin irritants and mental lethargy.

“Salt therapy is also an approved therapy in England, part of the NHS,” explains Salt Therapy Centre Newcastle owner Shawna Hartley.

“In fact, we use the same halogenerator as the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.”

Salt Therapy also promotes stress reduction, relaxation, boosts immunity and helps with insomnia through exposure to a high level of negative ions.

HOW IT WORKS“Clients just relax in comfy lounge chairs, with their feet up, for 45 minutes in the salt-laced atmosphere,” Ms Hartley said.

“Salt is anti-bacterial, (so it kills germs), a natural decongestant (which help to loosen and thin mucus) and a natural anti-histamine (pulling inflammation).

“Each salt therapy session is a super-effective concentrated cleaning sessionthat will also make you feel relaxed, happy and boost your immunity (thanks to the turbo charge of negative ions).

“While you will get relief with one session, proper salt therapy consists of a series of sessions, close together, to achieve maximum benefits.

“Salt therapy has no side effects and is safe when you are pregnant.”

INFRARED THERAPYInfrared therapy harnesses the power of the sun to bring you fast relief and long-lasting results.

When toxins build up in your body circulation can be sluggish, often resulting in a loss of vitality, an increase in pain and a tendency towards sickness and even disease.

​Infrared therapy uses three wavelengths (Far, Near and Mid) that are part of the sun’s invisible light spectrum that our bodies use to heal and repair.

It has the ability to penetrate your skin and go deep into the body’s tissue to help your body repair and eliminate toxic build-up.

Many auto-immune issues stem from heavy metals toxicity. Infrared detoxification is seven to ten times greater than a regular sauna.

The Salt Therapy Centre Newcastle has the most sophisticated Infrared Therapy Sauna available in Newcastle, able to isolate wavelengths in order to tailor a program to meet your specific wellbeing goals.

A luxurious half hour session in the most sophisticated Infrared Therapy Sauna in the Hunter will gently and effectively help you reach your wellness goals.

Salt Therapy and Infrared Therapy are complementary natural therapies that work in conjunction with your current medication. Please ask your doctor if it’s right for you.