Newcastle RLTyrone Amey signs contract with Lakes United as competition at the Newcastle Knights heats up

Just five months ago, rookie Knights prop Tyrone Amey had Steve “Blocker” Roach in raptures following an off-load during hisNRL debut that put Lachlan Fitzgibbon overfor a try under the posts against Cronulla on Old Boys’Day.
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With several forwards missing through injury for the Sharks game, Amey’sunlikely cameo off the bench won the praise of coach Nathan Brown and the 22-year-old clinched a new part-time contract with the club.

But just like a number of fringe players at the Knights following a bigoff-season recruitment drive, Amey faces a battle to even make the club’sNSW Cup squad on a regular basis, prompting his decision to this week sign with Newcastle club Lakes United as a back-up position.

Amey finds himself under pressure because of the signing of Herman Ese’ese, Jacob Lillyman and Chris Heighington and the emergence of young forwardslike Pasami Saulo andBrodie Jones.

But Knights’ Cup coach Simon Woolford admitted mostof his part-time squad will be forced back to the local league this season and they havebeen encouraged to find clubs if they are not local juniors.

“Look it’s hard. These guys have done a full pre-season with me since early November,”Woolford said.

“Butthe reality is, there are 20 players hereand most of themare probably not going to get a game at Cup level.

“All things being equal and with no-one injured in the club, we are going to need limited part-time players week in, week out.

“We’ll get some injuries obviously but it will depend on positions as to who we have to bring in.

“It’s a tough situationbecause they are all committed. It’s why they are an easy bunch to coach because they are all here for the right reasons.

“They are here for the opportunity and not for money so it’s tough if that opportunity is not there for them.

“But I’ll betelling them they need to be one of the best, if not the best player in their local team each week to give themselves every chance of a call-up when an opportunity presents itself.”

The Knights’ extended Cup squad will play a trial against North Sydney at Redfern Oval on Friday night, the finaltime for Woolford’s part-timers to impress before the team is culled for a hit-out against Wentworthville Magpies at Maitland .

The lower grade trial will feature many of the leftovers who don’t make Nathan Brown’s top 19 squad for the Parramatta Eels trial.

Lakes coach Todd Edwards confirmed Amey would play for the Seagulls this season when he was not on NSW Cup duty.

“He’s a quality player but I’m probably not expecting to see too much of him this season and for his sake, I hope he gets a good opportunity in there,”Edwards said.

“He’ll be welcome here though when available.”

Back-up plan: Tyrone Amey has signed with Lakes United in the Newcastle competition as a fall-back option.

Ben Wright killed his partner’s pets out of spite

Benjamin Wright.A man who killed his partner’s pets in a fit of spite has been sent to jail for twelve months.
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Magistrate Michael Holmes told Benjamin Wright that he had to send a message to the community that “the “death of animals cannot be of such a gruesome nature”.

On March 22 last year, Wright who was a qualified slaughterman had killed his partner’s three dogs and a cat with such brutality that the cat’s tail became dislodged from its spine when it was bashed against a car.

Mr Holmes said the sentence of 12 months for aggravated cruelty had been reduced by a quarter because of Wright’s guilty pleas.

“I have no other option but to send you to jail”, said the magistrate. He said it was a ”horrible event and the actions were of a deliberate nature”.

The court heard earlier that he had told the police that he was a qualified slaughterman and had dispatched the animals humanely because they were ill.

But the court heard that a vet who had examined the carcasses found no ailments, and thought they had died in great pain.

According to the court, his partner said that Wright had been sharpening his knife a week before killing the animals.

The adults, plus Wright’s daughter ,were living in a caravan in the bush and, the court heard, he was under severe financial and emotional pressure.

He had been prone to angry outbursts in the past.

Prosecutor Cheryl Hall had told the court that there was “an element of planning”. The animals “weren’t killed humanely. They did suffer horrific and tremendous terror”.

At an earlier hearing, Wright’s now ex-partner was in court but, according to her friends, left because she was too upset.

Mr Holmes had spent time considering whether instructing Wright to have treatment for mental health issues was more appropriate than prison but he decided that the message had to be sent to the public that such cruelty had to be punished.

Glen Innes Examiner

Valentine’s Day: did you pass or fail the test of love?

I hate Valentine’s Day. And yes, before you yell “Oh, but you’re single and there’s no-one to give you flowers anyway, so of course you hate it,” and remind me that I’ll spend the day hoping that a gift will magically appear on my doorstep from that cute guy I dated last year (which won’t happen because he doesn’t actually know my address).
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Yes, Valentine’s Day is not great when you’re single, but it’s also pretty stupid when you’re paired up.

I had 20 odd years of Valentine’s when I was married, and countless other Valentine’s with boyfriends before that (okay not “countless”) but I always thought Valentine’s Day was rubbish.

It wasn’t the fault of my partners.My ex husband, for example, was pretty good about Valentine’s Day. He knew the drill, but it wasn’t exactly an emotionally charged moment. Nevertheless, he passed the Valentine’s Day test.

Because that is pretty much what Valentine’s Day is when you have a partner. It’s a pass-or-fail test.

A pass is a bunch of flowers, a card, a box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine. Or perhaps it’s a thoughtful gift, or a romantic dinner out, or a sexy night in.

A fail is, well, virtually anything else. A gratuitous note scratched out on a post-it because you’ve forgotten to pick up a card or a limp bunch of daisies bought from the local servo.

Or nothing at all, full stop, because you plain forgot. Now, don’t get me wrong, spontaneous expressions of affection are marvellous.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t about any of those. It is the obligatory celebration of affection on pain of death. And there is nothing romantic about obligation.

So let’s ban Valentine’s Day.(But if the cute guy from last year is reading, and is interested, please message me for my address). –Kerri Sackville

‘I didn’t do it’: Fran Hodgettprotests innocence over man’s mysterious disappearance

NOT ME: Fran Hodgett has penned a letter denying any involvement in the disappearance of Paddy Moriarty. Picture: Lydia Lynch.
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FRAN Hodgett is no murderer.

That’s the message the 75-year-old wants to make clear to anyone who will listen.

Franhas recently been outed as a prime suspect in the mysterious disappearance of Larrimah local Paddy Moriarty.

Volunteers from Katherine scoured a rubbish tip last month trying to help solvethe puzzling disappearance of Mr Moriarty.

Paddy Moriarty.

Mr Moriarty was last seen at the Larrimah Hotel at 6pm on Saturday, December 16.

Despite an extensive search of the town and surrounds, nothing has been seen of him since.

Because of a decade-long feud between the pair, police even considered Fran and her gardeneras possible suspects.

They grilled her first and then searched her house, gardens and even her septic tank.

“They found nothing because there is nothing to find,” Fran says.

She wants the world to know that it was not her.

“I want to stop the rumours.

GRISLY SEARCH: Katherine volunteers helped search for Paddy at the town’s tip. Picture: NT Police.

“They (police) say they have nothing on me, I’m in the clear.”

Fran complains recent television reports have painted her as a villain in the case.

“I did not have anything to do with it,” she says.

“I do want them to find him and then I can say I told you so.”

Mr Moriarty and his dog Kellie went missing with no explanation, his car, wallet and home left abandoned.

Police suspect foul play is involved.

Fran, famous for her pie-making in the small Stuart Highway town, population just eight, said she was famous in the Territory for her cooking.

“I’ve helped put Larrimah on the map,” she says.

Fran admits to the enmity between the two, going back over many years, naturally drew police to her door.

“People are trying to say I paid the gardener to bump him off, and I live just across the road from him.

“There are two possible explanations for what happened to Paddy.

“One, he wandered off into the bush, perhaps chasing his dog, I don’t know why, and became lost.

“The other is because of foul play, someone was more unhappy with him than I was.”

Fran said she had a clear conscience.

“I really hope they do find Paddy, and I hope it’s soon, because then all these rumours can finally stop.”

Fran’s letter to the Katherine Times.

I Fran Hodgett,

Known as Fran’s Tea House Larrimah would like to let the local people of Larrimah know that NO I did not have anything to do with the disappearance of Paddy Moriarty.

NO I don’t know where is he and yes I do want him to be found so I can sit back and say I told you so. If I hear anymore rumours or I get any more accusing phone calls which can be traced I will take legal proceedings.

I would like to thank the local residents and businesses for believing in me as I was in Katherine last Tuesday and stopped by those who know me which made me the happiest I’ve been in twomonths.

Please feel free and safe to still call in for devonshire tea or coffee and say hello.


Katherine Times

Dragons debut Hunt, Graham in league trial

Former Penrith star Bryce Cartwright will run out in Titans colours for the first time on Saturday.Ben Hunt and James Graham have been named to make their St George Illawarra debuts in the Dragons’ trial against English Super League outfit Hull FC.
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On Saturday at ANZ Stadium, Test and Queensland playmaker Hunt will begin a five-year $6 million Dragons NRL deal after leaving Brisbane.

English international Graham signed until the end of 2020 after the former Bulldogs skipper’s seven seasons at Belmore including two grand finals.

The Dragons’ other off-season buys, Jeremy Latimore (Cronulla), Darren Nicholls (Penrith) and Mitch Allgood (Wakefield Trinity), also feature in the 24-strong squad.

“It will be good to get them into a playing environment to see where their physical conditioning is after a tough pre-season and how their tactical understanding is,” Dragons coach Paul McGregor said.

The clash is part of a double header also featuring South Sydney against English heavyweights Wigan.

At Gold Coast, former Penrith star Bryce Cartwright will run out in Titans colours for the first time in Saturday night’s trial against Brisbane in Toowoomba.

Cartwright will start at lock barely a week after arriving at the club.

The 23-year-old only began life as a Titan last Friday with his first training session after a sudden departure just two years into a five-season Panthers deal.

Cartwright will be joined in the 23-strong squad by fellow recruits Brendan Elliot, Kiah Cooper, Brenko Lee, Leilani Latu, Jai Whitbread and Tony Matautia.

Young gun Alexander Brimson will partner five-eighth Kane Elgey in the halves against the Broncos.

While all eyes will be on Cartwright, Titans coach Garth Brennan has turned the heat up on Elgey ahead of the trial.

“Kane Elgey gets a chance to play in the halves and really steer us around on the weekend,” Brennan said.

“I’ve put some pressure on him a bit to take control of that football team.

“He’s had a great pre-season.

“He belongs there. He just needs to get out there and own that football team.”

Brennan is expected to name a full-strength Titans side for their final trial on February 24 against the Warriors on the Sunshine Coast.

Hot Dub Wine Machine lineup includes Hot Dub Time Machine, Sneaky Sound System, Touch Sensitive at Hope Estate

A very good Riesling to party BIG PARTY: Hot Dub Wine Machine comes to the Hope Estate on Saturday, March 10 after a successful debut in the Hunter Valley last year.
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Hot Dub Wine Machine 2017

Hot Dub Wine Machine 2017

Hot Dub Wine Machine 2017

Hot Dub Wine Machine 2017

Hot Dub Wine Machine 2017

Hot Dub Wine Machine 2017

Hot Dub Wine Machine 2017

Hot Dub Time Machine

Kite String Tangle

Touch Sensitive

Sneaky Sound System

TweetFacebookThe Prize, Given The Chance and Arcadia among others.

“They’re really at the cutting edge of new wave electronica,” Loud said.

Good friend of Loud and “one of the best bass players in the country”Touch Sensitive will grace the stage, as well as Luke Million, Owl Eyes, Luen Jacobs, Falcona Djs and a very special guest set to only appear at the Hope Estate show.

Loud remained tight lipped on who the guest would be, but said they rivaled last year’s surprise appearance by n Idol winner Guy Sebastian.

After what Loud described as a “tropical cyclone” last year, the DJ is hoping for improved weather in the Hunter Valley for this year’s performance.

But one thing that will remain almost the same is Loud’s own performance, which is a time-travelling experience with all the best hits throughout the decades.

“Over seven years, my long-term fans have said they don’t want me to change that much,” he said.

“If I don’t play Madonna, I get in a lot of trouble.”

Loud said he wanted the event to become a regular addition to the live music calendar.

“I hope it can become an annual part of the music landscape,” he said.

“Hopefully it can fulfill a little niche.”

For more information苏州夜总会招聘.

Advertising feature: Healthy living 2018

FRESH: Variety is key to a healthy lunch, aim for a colourful collection of fresh fruit and veg to keep you feeling full with the right stuff.When we are busy often the first thing to fall by the wayside is our diet.
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Lunchtimes in particular can be tricky, kids are invariablybusyat school and need healthy snacks that are easy to tackle, while workplace lunch options can be high in salt and fat as convenience and speed are often the priority.

Keeping little bellies fuller for longer with an appealing variety of food at school doesn’t have to be hard for mums and dads and if you’re packing for them, why not pack for yourself and save both your wallet and your waistline at the same time.

And variety in a lunch box is the key, saysaccredited practising dietitian Lisa Donaldson.

Ms Donaldson, a spokesperson forthe Dietitians Association of , said it was important to pack a variety from the five food groups.

“Limit the amount of pre-packaged foods for lunches and opt for a variety of fruits and vegetables,” she said.

“Whether it be crunchy, cooked, raw or stewed -try a variety of textures, particularly when it comes to kids and opt for colourful foods like capsicum, tomatoes, cucumber.

“A cooked carrot may get refused at the dinner table but can make a terrific dipping stick with hummus, or a great sandwich filling when grated.”

Ms Donaldson said foods that wererich in protein and healthy fats wouldkeep little bellies fuller for longer.

“Try packing a cold chicken drumstick, some seeds, yoghurt, avocado or some cheese,” she said.

And getting the kids involved in putting together their own school lunches could be a way to create interest and excitement around eating.

“Planning ahead, and choosing healthy options that both you and your kids enjoy, can be a great way to promote positive lunchtime choices and establish healthy eating habits in the whole family” Ms Donaldson said.

A healthylunch generally consists of a main item (e.g.sandwich/ wrap/soup/pasta with veg), a fruit/vegetable snack (apple/in season fruit, veggie sticks, side salad), a second snack (reduced fat yoghurt, wholegrain crackers with cheese) and a drink (water or plain milk).

“Always try and pack a dairy option if you can.In the warmer weather pack an ice brick to keep school lunch boxitems cool,” she said.

Top tips for a healthy lunch1. Sandwiches:vary bread and fillings.Alternate multi-grain or wholemeal rolls, wraps and bread and store leftovers in the freezer. Cut sandwiches into shapes such as squares or trianglesor, for a bit of fun, try a large cookie cutter.

2. Nibble mixes are great to graze on -popcorn, dried fruit, seeds or cubes of low fat cheese and grainy crackers. While nuts are usually not accepted in schools, they provide great protein for a workplace snack.

3. For an easy snack for the kids, cut raison bread or fruit loaf into quarters.

4. Pack crunchy veggie sticks such ascarrot, celery andcapsicum withhummus and tzatziki.​​

5.Replace juice for water. While juice appears to be a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, it contains high amounts of sugar, so always opt for water as a first choice.

​6.Eggs make a great high protein snack and can be boiled and placed in the fridge to save time.

7.Rice cakes can be a good alternative to bread and less filling, topped with avocado and tomato is a tasty, nutritious snack.​

8.Home cooked is best: if you have the timethen home cooked treats like savoury muffins, frittata, and slices can be great fillers for hungry kids and by baking them yourself you know exactly what’s inside them.

If the idea of organising your lunch ahead of a busy family morning is just too much, then there are services that can do all the hard work for you and still ensure you have a healthy balanced lunch.

Fast fuel meals have a variety of locations across Newcastle and the Hunter anddeliver healthy, nutritious lunch meals and snacks to workplaces everyday.

Via an easy to useonline ordering system Fast Fuel take the hassle out of cash exchange, enablingemployers to either buy for employees, oremployees tolog on and place their ownorder. Meals are fresh, chef prepared, and macro balanced by dietitian Kirsty Seward.

The system allows the user to select the date for the order to be delivered.

Chad Taylor, founder of Fast Fuel,is passionate about changing attitudes and behaviourtoward food.

He believes that eating healthy not only helps you to feel better, but can improve overall quality of life.

The Fast Fuel meal delivery service has been designed to go beyond the notion of healthy lunches and really drills into the opportunity for employers to embrace workplace health and the long term impact it can have on productivity, along with rates of sick leave taken and overall employee engagement.

“By includingworkplace lunches into salary packagesfor employees, firms are driving a clear message to their staff that their health and happiness matters,” said Chad Taylor.

Fast Fuel have a great blog with a comprehensive range of articles on all things food and health. visit www.fastfuelmeals苏州夜总会招聘.aufor more information.

Regardless of who in your household is lunching, taking the time to prepare fresh food and consider what you and your family are consuming day to day is well worth thinking about.

Discus star Stevens set on 70m throw

Dani Stevens has her sights set on a 70m throw at this year’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.Dani Stevens will turn 30 this year but it is the number 70 she is more concerned with ahead of April’s Commonwealth Games.
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‘s discus star won silver at last year’s world championships in London with a personal best 69.64m.

It came eight years after a surprise world championship win as a 21-year-old and is proof she is throwing as well as she says she feels.

The Sydney product will compete at this weekend’s national titles on the Gold Coast before returning to the same venue for April’s Games.

She is confident of eclipsing the magical 70m mark after coming within “the length of an A4 sheet of paper” at London’s world championships.

“I feel really fantastic actually; feel like I’m just getting warmed up,” she told media on Wednesday.

“I’ve had a lot of highs and lows in my career but I feel like that experience will really help me in a home Games.”

Not much has changed for Stevens since her shock world title in 2009 but she says that is what is giving her confidence ahead of Gold Coast and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“I’ve had probably over 100,000 repetitions of throwing a discus now; that kind of consistency is now ingrained, it’s a consistent movement and as you get older you only get stronger and more powerful and faster,” she said.

“It’s about refining those tiny angles and degrees to get me over that 70m mark.

“But for me Tokyo Olympics is at forefront of mind; it will be my fourth Olympics and it’s the one (medal) I don’t have.”

She will throw in Sunday’s final, with action from Metricon Stadium beginning on Thursday.

In a new initiative announced on Wednesday, the Betty Cuthbert Medal will be awarded to the athlete who produces the most outstanding performance of the meet.

Prescribing doctor faces SA inquest

Lee-Anne Atkins hopes an inquest will find out why her husband was overdosed on opioids in hospital.A doctor who prescribed opioid painkillers to a man who died in Adelaide’s Flinders Medical Centre has told an inquest he should have consulted a pain specialist before doing so.
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Dr Christos Marantos treated Stephen Atkins, who died in March 2015 after he was administered Fentanyl and Oxycodone to manage his chronic neck pain.

His cause of death at autopsy was Fentanyl and Oxycodone toxicity, but there is some dispute between professionals as to the accuracy of the finding.

In the South n Coroners Court on Wednesday, Dr Marantos said in addition to the two opioids he also prescribed Oxycontin, a slow-release form of Oxycodone.

He told the inquest he had commonly seen the three drugs prescribed together during his training, but said guidelines released by the American College of Physicians in 2017 suggested the combined use of the drugs was “potentially unsafe” and the dosages become difficult to adjust.

The doctor also admitted he should have consulted the hospital’s acute pain service before prescribing the drugs.

He accepted Mr Atkins’ wife, Lee-Anne Atkins, and one of their sons had approached him the day before the death and told him Mr Atkins was “very groggy and seemed out of it”, but he said he did not go back and check on him.

“I didn’t get the impression that I needed to go back and see the patient,” he told the inquest.

“Retrospectively, in hindsight, yes I should have gone back and seen Mr Atkins.”

On Tuesday, counsel assisting the coroner Kathryn Waite said the hospital had failed Mr Atkins on two levels.

She said staff administered him potentially lethal opioids without closely monitoring him, and said there were also questions as to whether the medication should have been prescribed.

The inquest continues before Deputy State Coroner Jayne Basheer.

Six events to watch at athletics trials

n Sally Pearson will be one of the stars of the show at the Commonwealth Games trials.THE BIG SIX EVENTS AT THE FEBRUARY 15-18 COMMONWEALTH GAMES TRACK AND FIELD TRIALS (all times AEDT):
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* Men’s 100 metres (first round: Feb 15, 1925; semi-finals: Feb 16, 2000; final: Feb 16, 2205):

The long-overdue resurgence in men’s sprinting will be on full display, with four men chasing a maximum three individual spots in the blue-riband sprint at the Games. Jack Hale, Rohan Browning and Trae Williams have been slugging it out since their junior days, while fit-again Josh Clarke boasts the quickest time this decade by an n. The quartet also have the makings of a formidable 4x100m relay team.

* Men’s 1500 metres (first round: Feb 16, 1330; final: Feb 18, 1550):

No less than a dozen men have bettered the qualifying standard, headed by Rio Olympics finalist Ryan Gregson. The stacked field also includes two of Gregson’s former training partners, Luke Mathews and Jeff Riseley, both of whom are also contesting the 800m.

* Men’s long jump (qualifying: Feb 17, 1300; final: Feb 18, 1315):

Not a lot of exposed form here. Henry Frayne has not competed since the 2017 world championships, but has a habit of performing well coming off long enforced breaks. Fabrice Lapierre, the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist, opened his season with a 7.70m jump in the US. The field also includes defending national champ Chris Mitrevski and Darcy Roper.

* Women’s 100m hurdles (first round: Feb 17, 1855; final: Feb 17, 2200):

The big question, as ever, is just how fast can Sally Pearson go? The hometown heroine will be the hottest of favourites to claim a third-straight Commonwealth title in April and is also eyeing a spot in the 4x100m relay. Brianna Beahan and Michelle Jenneke look best placed to claim the other vacancies in the sprint hurdles.

* Women’s pole vault (qualifying: Feb 15, 2020; final: Feb 17, 1915):

An n has topped the podium on each of the five previous occasions this event has been on the Games program. The in-form vaulter this time around is Nina Kennedy, who produced a recent PB of 4.71m in Perth. Liz Parnov and Lisa Campbell are also chasing Games berths.

* Women’s javelin (qualifying: Feb 16, 1250; final: Feb 17, 2100):

Looks a contest in two between Kathryn Mitchell, in the form of her life at the age of 35 as evidenced last weekend by a national record of 67.58m, and 2014 Glasgow Games bronze medallist Kelsey-Lee Roberts.


* Venue: Metricon Stadium

* Dates: February 15-18

* Qualification: All event winners with at least a B qualifier and all runners-up, with an A qualifier, will be guaranteed selection in the Commonwealth Games team.

* Team: To be named next week. Will number up to 108 athletes, including 20 para-athletes.