Short Takes for Friday February 16 2018

OUR old stockhorseBarnaby (yes, really)has been gelded. I bet the Nationals wish they’d thought of that.

Geoff Davidson,OurimbahWITH regard to the lockouts (“Pub swaps hide pain: AHA”, Herald 14/2): maybe the people fighting and drinking that can’t handle the drink should be the ones punished.Why can’t people be held accountable for their own actions?

Andrew Holloway, WaratahLOCKOUTSdefinitely havea financial impact on pubs, but what cost do they put on a life lost or destroyed?

Darin Welsh, MayfieldLET me preface with the statement that I am in favor of immigration.When planned for and thought out, it can be a benefit to both the host country and the new arrivals. But when politicians continually describe as the most successful multicultural society in the world,do they take into account that, when viewed from a cultural perspective worldwide, the bar is set very low?Maybe if the emphasis was less on overdoing the cultural aspect, with the main objective instead being the type of society and values that the host country as sovereign nation has the right to expect.

Allan Earl,ThorntonIS Jeremy Bath the lord mayor? He seems to be in more media than Cr Nelmes.

Bill Slicer,Tighes HillYOU really have to wonder about the lockout laws for respectable licensed venues when there are drug users needle bins placed throughout the Newcastle area. It makes you wonder whether the powers that be are saying it’s ok to shoot up whenever you want any hour of the day or night but you can’t get into a well managed and responsible hotel after a certain time. The mind boggles at the reasoning.

Brad Hill,SingletonI HAVE no doubt there are many, many people who stand alongside the residents of the Upper Hunter so saddened at the raping of their beautiful countryside as the enormous mine machinery gouges out huge craters, leaving unsightly piles of great dross. But how any of us have actually seen this moonscape? I took an overseas visitor for a drive from Singleton to Muswellbrook, Denman and Bulga.How ashamed I feel that we have let the mining giants destroy what I remembered was beautiful farming and grazing land. My heart goes out to those who live in those areas. May I urge others to take that drive and then together we may be able to compel those responsible for this disaster, to restore the land to its original state on which new vegetation may grow.

Sheila Bourne, East MaitlandI MUST ask Allan Averay-Jones (“Why our city still needs LGBTI venues”, Herald10/2)if you really feel so strongly that this city needs a “queer ” venue, then perhaps you should open one yourself. Realistically, you will find a city Newcastle’s size can’t support a dedicated queer space. Unfortunate as it is, it’s a fact. Even the fairytale rainbow of Oxford Street is no longer what it once was.

T Bradfield,The Hill