Short Takes for Thursday February 15 2018

A QUESTION for readers to ponder:did the voters in the New England electorate know about Barnaby Joyce’s affair with a staffer when the byelection was held last year, and did they know he was about to leave his wife because of the affair?

Darryl Tuckwell,EleebanaI JUST looked up the Keolis Downer website. One of their mission statements is ” to think likea passenger”. I’d like to know which passenger they are thinking like!

John Morris,Speers PointIS Barnaby Joyce’s pregnant staffer entitled to maternity leave or workers compensation?

George Williams,West WallsendIS there a reason Newcastle council has scrambled to have 11 inner city roads, including Alfred Street in Newcastle East and Bruce and Corlette Streets atCooks Hill, finally classified as roads under the Act over the holiday period?

Sally Hudson,The HillBY way of explanation; my description of momentum in my letter (“Heavy loads make it hard”, Letters 10/2), was not clear. The momentum of the moving truck (or anything else) is the mass (kg) times the velocity (m/s). When a vehicle brakes suddenly, anything not attached to the vehicle will want to move forward, as passengers will know, hence the numbers for trucks.

John McLennan,CharlestownIN reply to John McLennan (Letters 10/2):During our touring days we often found ourselves behind a long and heavily laden truck with no vision ahead for us.We solved the problem by a call on our CB to the vehicle in front about the condition of the road ahead. Normally, we were answered with a courteous reply that they would let us overtake when it was safe to do so. Once passed we acknowledged our thanks by signalling and usually received a similar message back. Satisfaction for everyone.

Daphne Hughes, KahibahTHE more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s the rich who gets the pleasure and the poor who gets the blame.

Ron Elphick,Buff PointFAIR go.Poor old Barnaby does not deserve the kicking that he is getting, particularly from holier than thou Malcolm and Bill Shorten. Jesus said “he without sin throw the first stone”. There would be a hell of a lot lessthrown stone in Canberra if the pollies followed this rule. Get overyourselves and start concentrating onpower, water, pensions and so many other far more important issues. Leave Barney alone.

Dennis Crampton,Belmont NorthPETROL prices in the Newcastle region again appear to be way off the mark when compared to Sydney prices. One company that I mainly offer my custom to has, for example, a pricing for their high-grade unleaded fuel at between 25 and 30 cents per litre higher that it isin Sydney. This Newcastle price has been static for many many months. Time to change companies, perhaps? It needs answering.

Garry Scow,Warners Bay